We are a small club culture in the beautiful town of Wolfenbüttel.

We hear - and see - they good concerts from ( almost) all types of music . Whether folk or rock, blues or country , oldies or cover songs - on our stage, everything is at home! The important thing is - well it should be! For " new " we are going to have forever! So who would like to present times his skills on a public stage : Just call or send us an email and we will come to your rehearsal . You might also be interested in us to be there ? If they have fun organizing musical events and in a friendly club atmosphere - they 're in the right place!
Just look at our regular time tables look and experience the " blue note -Live " .

The dates can be found in our event calendar. Become a member of bluenote family! Information can be found at blue note eV (Contact) And - oh yes, a lot of fun on our website. Of course, images of the past bluenote events can be seen here , useful links , band information , and, and, and ...