DocFirst and foremost, we see ourselves as a Foundation for young artists. Where the "offspring" can be absolutely all ages. As part of our opportunities you we put our expertise available. This may involve technical assistance as well as tips and tricks for stage performance. In individual cases, we also provide the equipment and the associated technical personnel. Of course we also (if suitable) our stage for a first appearance in public. Usually this means as support (support act) at a blue note - perform event.

We would not be blue note eV, if there was not more to do would be ... For example, the active membership in Wolfenbüttel Cultural Council, the constructive cooperation and / or assistance with the Cultural Office and the city marketing Wolfenbüttel, and - of course- organizing, planning and hold of her concerts in the castle Wolfenbüttel and Kommisse Wolfenebüttel. We place special emphasis on comfort at our events. The contact with the audience and the musicians is especially important to us. By supporting the town of Wolfenbüttel, it is possible for us at cost price to perform the events with low ticket prices.

 Very important here is that everything is done voluntarily and volunteer from the planning stage, through advertising and the seating of the hall and the construction of the stage and the technique to the care of the guests exclusively of the active members of bluenote eV. And since the founding of the club !!

If you have found interest in bluenote eV or are still unanswered questions, please write to bluenote eV (Contact)